30 Day Bootcamp Challenge

30 Day Bootcamp Challenge


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Earn Your Bootcamp Body




30 Days of Unlimited bootcamp access over all locations. The ultimate 45 min, full body workout covering boxing, strength and cardio. Best of all, we’re 100% suitable for all fitness levels!



We’ll fully equip you to ensure we set you up for success with a step-by-step guide detailing the building blocks of health and nutrition.



Expert coaches who will support and motivate you from start to finish! New workouts curated specifically for each day, no session is ever the same. Hello goals, goodbye plateaus!



Track your fitness goals on the go via your personal account. Monitor progress, create goals, upload photos, and more. You’ll even be notified when its time to weigh in!


Join our crew of transformed hundreds who have committed to getting Bootcamp Fit. These are real men and women just like you who are actively changing their lives for the better.



Results will vary for each individual.


Premium Personal Training with a Fitness Boot Camp in Melbourne

The whole body. The whole time. Activate Bootcamps is your everyday hangout for a high-performance lifestyle. Offering the most progressive and innovative 45 minute fitness bootcamps and personal training in Melbourne CBD, Carlton, Essendon and Ascot Vale.

Bootcamp: Reimagined. Your 360-degree lifestyle experience – sensorial, personal, and exclusive. Mixing it up is fun and effective. Our experienced Personal Trainers are focused on fresh programming and a contagious bootcamp culture that will spice up your next workout. Expect 45 minutes of non stop high calorie-burning, muscle-quivering, shirt-drenching, total-body conditioning. Oh yeah – and sweat. Plenty of it.

We focus on maximum exertion complemented with zero periods of rest in order to promote effective muscle fatigue and enhance endurance. Our fitness bootcamp and personal training combines key components of fitness – strength, power, endurance, cardio and flexibility training not only in one session, but in each and every exercise we do.

Fast transitions from one exercise to another, and effective intensity allow you to maintain an elevated heart rate and keep you in the fat burning zone for the full 45-minutes of bootcamp! While the sun rises or sets, you’ll be taken away into an immersive experience where the world outside will cease to exist and it’ll just be you, your mat, your goals and at the end, your accomplishments.

High Calibre Personal Training at Fitness Boot Camps in Essendon, Carlton, Melbourne CBD and Ascot Vale

The result? With our high energy Personal Trainers, a complete head to toe workout, and unrivalled atmosphere, you have the recipe for a workout that produces BIG and LASTING results. Our tribe is here to encourage you, high-five you, make you sweat, support you, entertain you and inspire you. Join us in Melbourne CBD, Carlton, Essendon or Ascot Vale for the best 45 minutes of your day.  The good news is, AB takes all of the above seriously as we are genuinely passionate about our work – you can check out our blog for news and updates on our services and the health and fitness industry.

Come tired, leave alive. See you at Bootcamp.