Schedule for ASCOT Down


☀️ We apologise however this Bootcamp location has now moved a short 5 minutes to our Essendon, Woodlands Park Bootcamp 🙌🏼.

🔥 View Essendon Bootcamp schedule here.


Join Our Super Charged Boot Camp in Ascot Vale

Escape the monotony and stress of the day-to-day by taking yourself outdoors and working up a sweat. Too often we get caught up in schedules that we don’t remember the last time we really felt energised or pushed ourselves to reach our true potential. Now’s the time to change. Get out there and get fit with Activate.

What can I expect in this boot camp?

So much yelling. Just Kidding. Forget about the stereotypical boot camps where a trainer yells over you as you do push-ups, spittle bursting from their mouth before they blow a whistle and demand another rep. Here at Activate, the only yelling you’ll hear is shouts of praise as you accomplish things you wouldn’t have thought possible. Our mission isn’t to blow your eardrums or scream you into submission, we aim to help you forget all about how hard you’re working by creating a fun and social environment. Basically, we strongly believe fun motivates faster and more powerfully than fear.

Don’t get us wrong, though. This isn’t just going to be some walk in the park. This will be hard; there is going to be sweat and you will be pushed to your limit. But trust us, you’ll love it. For 45 fun-charged and productive minutes, you will work out with like-minded people to achieve a common goal: getting fit and improving your lifestyle.