Schedule for MELB Down


☀️ We apologise however this Bootcamp location has now moved a short 10 minutes away to our Carlton Gardens Bootcamp 🙌🏼.

🔥 View Carlton Bootcamp schedule here.

Boot Camp Classes Getting Melbourne Moving

Whether you’re a night owl or an early bird, you’ll find a great crew to workout with at Activate Bootcamps’ Melbourne location. Our bootcamp classes are run at Flagstaff Gardens four days a week, starting at 6.15am or 6pm. Whether you like to start your day with an early morning sweat, or you’re leaving work fired up to exercise we’re the team for you.

Full-body, high-energy, all fun

In our 45-minute classes, you’ll tone and strengthen your body from top to toe, using the latest scientifically-supported techniques built around the principles of functional training – basically, training the body for specifically what you want it to do. Our unique approach helps our clients meet their own specific fitness goals faster and better. Whether you’re looking to run your first marathon, smash your one rep maximum, or just keep your body lean and strong, we’re ready to help you.

We think people thrive on positivity, so our trainers aren’t drill sergeants. We’ll support you through the exercise program, giving you the encouragement and guidance you need to achieve your best. Our trainers ensure everyone is able to get involved, push their hardest and achieve amazing results in return.

Join a community of like-minded people

We take a different approach than your normal weight loss boot camps. We want to get people invested in their health, helping them to build a lifestyle that encourages fitness at every turn. Our focus is on helping you find the pleasure in exercise, not the pain. Post-bootcamp endorphin rushes aren’t the only thing to look forward to. It makes it easy to wake up or end your day with the scenery of some of the most beautiful natural scenery Melbourne has to offer. Join one of our four crews – in Flagstaff Gardens in the CBD, Fairbarn Park in Ascot Vale, Woodlands Park in Essendon, or in Carlton Gardens in the trendy north – and discover why Activate Bootcamps are transforming bodies and lives across the city.

Get in touch today

Activate Bootcamps makes it simple to get the workout you need at a time that fits your busy lifestyle. Each express 45-minute session with us can get you achieving tangible results, strengthening your body, burning fat and building a better you quicker than you’ll believe. Book your spot now, or get in touch info@activatebootcamps.com.au with any questions.