16 Jul

There’s a revolution of trainers out there kicking ass and spreading the good word. Your personal trainer might be all that. Or not. In my experience, unfortunately, the latter scenario is much more common than the first. The problem with the fitness industry is that it’s brimming with straight up embarrassing people. So, how do you know if your personal trainer is a true professional?

Before we get to that, I wanted to share something with you. I literally overheard someone talking about getting a personal training cert the other day say these exact words. “Yeah, I’m thinking about getting a personal training cert. I mean, I know a bit about working out and stuff. I train all of my friends anyway. It would be a good way to earn some cash on the side”.

Good personal training is much more than just putting someone through a tough workout and leaving them gasping for air on the floor. Anyone can do that. A sucessful personal trainer knows how to help someone change their life. That takes time – a lot more than just a day or two on the weekends.

SO, let’s destroy the fitness industry with my Top 5 Strategies of telling the difference between a great trainer and one that shouldn’t even be washing your gym towels.

This controversial list applies to those that can be found in gyms, ‘pop up overnight’ personal trainers, people who have ‘suddenly’ found their calling, oh wait for it – the ‘health coaches’ who aren’t qualified to do sh*t. If you’re offended, i’m sorry (kinda).


According to the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, up to 45% of trainers who claim to be certified aren’t. Pretty shocking! Don’t be afraid to ask the big questions: How long have they been practicing? How many clients do they have? Does their reputation and status match with their duration in the field? This will give you a better idea of your potential trainers background, whether they’re passionate about the job and most importantly if they’re a true professional. Remember you have every right to know.


Personal training and nutrition consultation isn’t cheap. So what are you getting for your $$$? Well if a trainer can’t demonstrate their previous successes, think of this as a massive red flag.

The BEST trainers keep detailed statistics of all their clients in one form or another. May it be tracking weigh ins/ measurements, recording performance, before/after photos and testimonials (this should be the norm).

Even better, most reputed trainers can even introduce you to a few if not many clients with compelling testimonials, so you can talk to them directly about their experience. I’m not just talking about “Sally” ‘who started training 4 weeks ago and feels great’ – I’m talking about justifiable results, transformations and multiple people, if not the community giving their thumbs up on how they’re the best trainer around!


Just like financial planners who are broke – out of shape trainers pee me off.

Now let me clarify this a little further. Your trainer does not have to look like a ‘meat head’, or fitness model. That’s not the standard – long gone are those days. These days the most reputed fitness experts portray a strong, balanced, healthy image.

If your trainer looks like they’ve never touched a dumbbell and has more muffin top than a bakery, then you have a fitness fraud on your hands – someone who clearly doesn’t know their sh*t. This might sound harsh, but they just won’t. It’d be like speaking at an alcoholics anonymous meeting whilst guzzling a bottle of tequila.

They need to work on their own physique before they work on yours – period!


In order to make change there is something crucial you need to know, and to be honest you will likely never know or learn this at a commercial gym (speaking from experience). You can bet that the best in the industry can provide you with a wealth knowledge and guidance as part of their programming. These guys will take the time to asses your nutritional intake, provide a solution, and make necessary adjustments along the way. Time and time again I see ‘trainers’ leaving their clients to fend for themselves.

Exercise my friends, alone, does not work.


RUN A MILE. There’s no disputing that everyone loves to grab a bargain, but finding a cheap personal trainer is a whole new game.

What you pay is what you get. Trainers charge for their worth, their time and their expertise. Being on a budget whilst searching for your next trainer is the worst thing you can do. After all it is a premium service… provided by some at-least. If you’re on a budget, instead check out personalised group sessions provided by reputed trainers themselves. This will be 100% more effective and a great bang for your buck. Selecting a PT who will offer price over service is just setting yourself up for failure. The last thing you want is your progress tarnished and time wasted.

This, of course, is my opinion only. You may have an amazing trainer. There are exceptions. But, when working with your trainer, ask yourself:

  1. “Do they make it all about themselves, or about me?”
  2. “Are they actually coaching me, or just clock-watching?”
  3. “Is this someone who’s devoted to this as a career, or are they just swinging past on the way to their “real job?”

If the answers to the above questions are:

  1. Themselves
  2. Um, the second part
  3. Swinging past

Then I have some bad news for you, your trainer is a tool.

OK so this article comes down hard on those trainers who are careless about their jobs. All for a good reason. It’s simple, if they don’t care we want them out.

📄 Article by: Tanner Basol | Head Coach


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